Social House Rules

Welcome to Oria Spring Hill’s Facebook page – a place for us to connect and engage with the wider Spring Hill community and our potential future residents! Oria welcomes comments, discussions, ideas and feedback. To ensure our social platforms are an enjoyable and safe online community, we have developed the following House Policy.

Oria’s social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn et al.) are intended for positive and constructive contributions and conversations, and as such, participants must not:

  • Harass, insult or be abusive towards others.
  • Make defamatory, libellous, false or misleading comments about Oria Spring Hill or Keylin, including our developments and people.
  • Use obscene, insulting, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory or offensive language.
  • Promote commercial interests.
  • Violate the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Violate any laws or regulations.
  • Post commercial solicitations or promote a competitor.
  • Post harmful content or spam including links to files or websites that contain viruses.
  • Post multiple versions of the same view to the wall or make excessive postings on a particular issue.
  • Post off-topic content in general that couldn’t be considered reasonable or genuine feedback.

Oria reserves the right to remove any content that could be considered in violation of the above terms of use. Failure to comply with fair application of our House Rules could result in your access to Oria social channels being removed permanently.

Oria Spring Hill online channels will be monitored regularly, but we cannot guarantee responses to all posts, comments and messages. Oria will, however, endeavour to respond to enquiries where relevant within business hours.

Using or accessing this page indicates your acceptance of these House Rules, as well as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn’s Terms of Service.

Oria Spring Hill thanks you in advance for your compliance and welcomes you to our online community.